What is women empowerment?

Women empowerment is nothing but the enhancement of the social, economic, political strength of the women in order to ensure the equal rights to them and also make them more confident to claim their rights without any complications. They can live freely according to their wish with the sense of the respect and the dignity. Control over their life both in the official and personal places is assured; make choices and decisions of their own. Equal rights are assured in order to participate in the social, religious including the public activities. Get an opportunity for the education, employment without any gender bias and also comfortable in the working environment.

Women Empowerment

Importance of the Women Empowerment

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In the present era, women contribute about fifty percent of the world population. The rest of the percentage is unemployed and hence the economy suffers more because of the unequal opportunity for the women at the workplaces. At the same time, they shining well in the field of the social economic activities. In the old days, they were not given that much of the higher education and hence their talents have not hesitated. They are also not allowed to carry on their higher studies.

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But now lots of improvements have come and they are occupying in the multinational companies. The major benefits of the women empowerment are that there is an overall development of everything. It also leads to the economic benefits to both of the individuals and the society. There is a great decrease in the domestic violence and there is a greater reduction in the corruption. For the next generation, there will no more poverty and the additional earnings helps the family to take them to the next level.

What is women empowerment?

Now, they are increasingly participating in the both of the national and the international development process. There are more outstanding performances which include the medical science, social engineering etc. It is more important to give the women the equal opportunity and the freedom of their own choice so that their life will be more blessed. They can participate in the workplaces without any fear and can earn more credits and awards for the appreciation of their work. Hence the business will grow more and they have a choice to convert their dreams into a reality. Hence, it is in our hands to bring the women empowerment a successful one

In the Arab regions, both the social and the political transformations have enhanced the segments of the population. Here, the women are becoming the major reason for the regional changes. Particularly they are more involved in the political and the civic actions and thus playing an important role in the historical changes. These transformations have been brought in both of the regional and the global levels. A recent report exclaims that the social media usage has enhanced its growth across the Arab world. On the other side of the flip, the social media has also evolved to include the civic engagement, political participation and also the social changes. The government has also started to recognize the social media’s intention to develop an inclusive governance model. At the same time, they are also accompanied by a list of the concerns such as the security, privacy including the critical uses on both the initialization of the foreign policy including the diplomacy.

Social media is an important tool for the empowerment and thus enabling them to give more opportunities including the social changes, civic including the political action. About forty percent of the folks have asserted the social media.

About Awaam

Awaam provides a unique comprehensive leadership opportunity in the field of community organizing, art and media skills, especially for the younger girls and women. The major goal is to enhance the generation of the younger women along with the community organizing including the media skills in order to act as the leaders of the communities. As the Arab and Muslim women, we also endeavor to the position as the producers of the mass media. We have taken the responsibility to take the leadership, developing the campaigns including the programs in Awaam including the community at the larger level for any other service.